Textbook Buyback


WEEKDAYS 9:30 - 4:00      (6/28/18: closing at 2 p.m. through the long weekend)

(FYI: special summer hours for your instore shopping)

Sell your texts at the Co-op! We're ready & waiting to check your books. Bring along your debit card!

NOTE: Buyback quantities are limited. Prices are subject to change.


Congrats to our lucky January 2018 Buyback Contest Winners - they each won $100.!!!

Athena Z.

Dakota W.

Diego O.

Liam F.

CONGRATS to our lucky Dec 2017 Buyback Contest Winners - they each won $100.!!!

Grace G.

Justin B.

Mathew M.

Ivy C.

CONGRATS to our lucky Fall 2017 Buyback Contest Winners - they each won $100.!!!

Elise L

Paige Z

Hannah B

Katrina K

Used Textbooks

The Co-op takes pride in stocking as many used textbooks each semester as possible. To do this we depend on UofG students to sell their used textbooks back to us. There are a number of factors that affect the price the Co-op can offer for your book

  • Condition Of Your Book
  • The Bookstore is Overstocked
  • National Demand for Your Book
  • A New Edition is Pending or Has Been Published
  • Custom Package Missing Pieces
  • Custom Book
  • Instructor Will Not Reuse Your Book

To get the most for your books, make sure they have no:

  • Ink Writing
  • Excessive Highlighting
  • Water Damage/or any Spills
  • Extreme Condition Issues

Remember to bring all CDs, DVDs & package components back for top dollar!

If your books came as part of a set or package don't forget to bring:

  • CD's/DVD's
  • Workbooks (clean)
  • Lab Manuals
  • Study Guides