Paying Housing Charges

All residents are required to pay their housing charges in full on the first business day of each month.  Payments may be made by:

  • Personal Cheque (submitted monthly or post-dated cheques)
  • Automatic Fund Transfer from your bank account (see below for more information on paying your housing charges automatically each month)
  • Interac debit card payment at Co-op Office during business hours
  • Please Note: The Co-op Office does not accept cash for housing charge payments

All NSF cheques returned to the Co-op will result in a $25 administrative fee.  This charge will be added to the current month's housing charge.

Before you move into a Co-op lodging house room or apartment you are required to pay a deposit equal to the amount of your monthly housing charge.  This payment will be put towards your final month's housing charge with the Co-op.  If your housing charge increases during your occupancy, you must pay the additional deposit amount to the Co-op.

All new residents in Co-op housing are required to pay a one-time Capital Improvement Fee of $45 towards the ongoing upkeep of the Co-op's housing properties.

Do you have more questions? Give the Co-op Office a call at (519) 824-4950.