Rights & Responsibilities

Your participation makes the Co-op what it is. 

Without member input and participation, the co-op will not be as effective as it can be. If the washroom isn't clean, it will eventually need repairing. If the taps are left running, the utility bills will be higher. On the other hand, if everybody makes an effort, co-op housing will be cheaper, safer, cleaner and a lot more fun. This will only happen if everyone does their part and stays actively involved. 

To participate, all you have to do is keep your house or building clean, and make an effort to attend the Co-op's general meetings, as well as any house meetings. Your house or building should have a meeting at least once a semester to determine cleaning and participation schedules. 

There are all sorts of jobs to do, such as taking out the garbage, shoveling snow, mopping your building hallway, cleaning common areas, scrubbing bathrooms, or a number of other activities. For more information, contact  .