Co-op Housing Initiatives


After this summer’s drought, can there be any question as to the wisdom - and obligation – to do whatever we can to conserve water? Our student house at 7 College captures both grey and rain water and the end result is less consumption of the municipal supply and lower water bills. (Grey water collected from showers services toilets and urinals, and rainwater supplies our laundry with clean, soft rain water). Co-op housing strictly uses low-flush toilets and low–flow showerheads.


Solar panels that pre-heat hot water can be found on several of our buildings. Solar panels that generate electricity that is sold back to the grid can be found on several more. In the long term, this will help keep rents down for our members, and lessen our collective footprint.

And More

Compact fluorescent lighting is employed wherever possible, and we are investigating wider use of LED technology to further increase efficiency. Cleaning products found in our houses are environmentally friendly, and we are well into a comprehensive window replacement program further reducing waste.

Members have made it clear that environmental sustainability is a priority and a core value. We will continue to investigate and implement ecological solutions wherever we can. Because really, what choice do we have?